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How to differentiate between SEO and SEM?

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It is a known fact that digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing methods. Since most people spend their time on the internet for work, leisure, shopping, etc., it is easier to contact them online. For business marketing, two modules generate the best results – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Choosing one of them is still a debatable topic for digital marketing companies as both of them have their advantages, and both of them work differently. Let us take a look at what these methods are and how different they are from each other and how they are used by website designing company in Delhi.


SEO is a term that covers various things under its name. Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is optimizing the content of your website to get more traffic on your website. Some of the standard SEO tools are – using keywords and their variations, understanding intent, technical and content SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEM) is paying for the advertisement of your company. By paying for advertising to the Best SEO services Delhi, your website emerges on the top of the search engine result page, and thus, your visibility is more than your competitors. 


Now that we know what SEO and SEM are. Let us shift our focus to how they differ. To analyze their difference, we can compare them on three factors – cost, risks, and time.

1. Cost:- SEM involves a PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising. It means that every time someone clicks on your link, you have to pay for your advertising. You still have to use relevant keywords to appear in the search results, but SEM will take care of the traffic to your page. Sadly, paying for advertising is also its downside. Once you terminate your contract, the traffic on your page website can witness a steep decline. Also, you cannot keep paying for visitors as it can take a hit on your finances. 

SEO, however, is free of advertising costs. All you have to do is create SEO-friendly content with your team and post it on your website. It pulls authentic organic visitors to your website without any advertising, making your website self-sustaining in the long run. However, there are downsides here, too. To create SEO-friendly content, you need to hire more professionals in different departments, like content writing, graphic designing, web developers, etc. The success of the SEO and SEM depends upon how the Website designing company in Delhi handles your brand.

2. Risk:- With SEM, the risk is financial. The cost of advertising is increasing day by day, and sometimes it is no longer viable to pay for advertising.

The algorithms of search engines are dynamic and ever-changing. If you do not adapt your websites according to them and evolve your SEO strategies, there are chances that you will lose most of your visits and your ranking on search engine results. A lower rank means a lower number of visits. It is the highest risk associated with SEO.

3. Time:- SEM can cut this time to months. With your advertisement appearing on the front page, it is right in front of the readers. The waiting period is cut significantly short for getting traffic on your website. 

SEO alone cannot put you on the first page of search engine results. Your website or page can take years before getting on the first page. As a new website, waiting for years to get enough traffic is not economical.

Using any single method is not entirely fruitful as both methods have advantages and risks. A carefully planned strategy with SEM and SEO is more beneficial in the longer run. At Kliff Technologies, you can get both the services of SEM and SEO at affordable prices with quality results.  Kliff Technologies, Delhi is one of the leading SEO services in Delhi that has helped many brands achieve high conversion rates and ROI. 

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