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To increase the brand awareness of any business, an SEO company in India plays a vital role in enhancing the image of the company. As a marketer, you need to design SEO strategies for the local as well as international visibility of your brand.  The Kliff Technologies – website Designing company in Delhi uses search engine algorithms that are smarter, and much more complex to enhance the organic visitors and to increase the ranking in the SERPs.

Various Web Design Company in Delhi uses SEO to enhance the brand value with the help of the following strategies.

  • Link Building 

Link building is time-consuming and difficult but the benefits are significant. The higher the number of domains linked to the pages, the higher will be the SERP ranking of the website. The backlinks ensure a higher ranking of your brand which ultimately targets the audience who are looking for similar products and services. Blogs, articles, guest posting, email outreach, off-page content, etc. are helpful in generating backlinks for your website. 

  • Optimizing keyword phrases

For organic visibility of your brand on Google, it is necessary that you optimize not just the keywords but the keywords phrases. When you rank higher in the SERPs it also displays the credibility of your brand.  Therefore, SEO Company India must also focus on long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords have a higher click rate of more than 3% to 5% as compared to the generic searches. Also, ensure that your business is easy to search with the help of voice search, or smart devices.  Adding more reviews and details about your company gives you a competitive edge.

  • Integration with SEO

SEO company in India need to put extra effort in order to integrate the SEO with other marketing channels such as paid ad campaigns, social media, etc. to connect with the target audience.  Social media is the best way to employ your SEO strategies and create a connection with the audience.  The search engine spiders crawl through the social media posts too.  Social media has an indirect impact on the search position of your website and the traffic. Publishing good content and promoting it effectively on social media can increase the authority of the company as well as the trust of the audience. There is higher reachability to the audience through social media.  You may join communities and groups to connect with more prospects on social media. You can enhance organic growth with the sponsored posts and redirect them to the website.

You can also integrate SEO with the PPC Services (pay per click) advertisment to boost the brand visibility on the SERPs. It involves the effectiveness of a PPC campaign while reducing cost per click (CPC). This will maximize your return and improve the quality of your PPC ad with higher scores.

  • Focus on the top of the funnel content

The content that you post should be fresh, creative, and display high quality so the target audience will read at the stage of awareness.  The top of the funnel content is necessary to make the audience move down the funnel so they will convert from prospects to the lead of the brand and finally the loyal customer. Thus, the content should be interesting while disseminating all the relevant information to the potential customer. At the same time, amend, improve or remove the content that is not relevant to the brand anymore as it can hurt the reputation of your brand.   Update the pages that are 8 to 12 months old and skip the pages that are already ranking high in the SERPs.  Updating the content includes, changing the states, checking grammar, outdated links, old images, etc. and refreshing the title, adding the table of content, and updating the date of publishing.



To enhance brand awareness, focus on the SEO strategies that are based on the long-tail keywords while integrating them with the other marketing channels. The SEO Company in India must generate high-quality and updated content that is useful for disseminating information about the brand to the audience. Besides, the website must have updated SEO-based content that can reduce the bounce back and engage the audience. This will result in a higher conversion rate and maximizing ROI.

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