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Our game developers using advance technology / tools and develop visually attractive UI and responsive games that keeps the gamers engaged. We help our clients to turn their creative ideas into games by providing cost-effective solutions with quality. Our experienced programmers create theme, graphics, and build interactive games with innovative ideas. By using agile development cycles we remove all hurdles that they may encounter in development process and support you at every stage from game design to final publish in leading app stores.

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Game Development Services / Solutions are as follows:

  • Gamification Solutions
  • 2D and 3D Game development
  • Single player Games, Multi-player games and Gambling games
  • Games with Social Media integration
  • Android game apps for different genres (Puzzle game, Action Games, Strategy Games, Sports Games, Adventure Games, Arcade game)
  • iPhone game apps for different genres (Puzzle game, Action Games, Strategy Games, Sports Games, Adventure Games, Arcade game)

  • Game Development Skill Sets in KLIFF TECHNOLOGIES

    Cloud computing services have many common attributes:

  • 2D and 3D Game development
  • FP, TP, TD game development
  • Networking games, online multiplayer and casino game development
  • Architecture designs like interior designing, building plan, stadium plans etc
  • AR, VR, MR and HoloLens Application and Game development
  • Level Designing
  • Lighting and camera setup
  • VFX Particle system
  • Keyboard, Mouse, Touch and joystick controls

  • How to Process a Successful Mobile Game Development?

    Agile Development

    Waterfall Method

    Extreme Coding

    Rapid Action Development



    A feature rich gaming code can only stem out from an out of the box thinking. We foster and practice this at all the stages of game development to strengthen our forte, that is, mobile game development. We have the ability to bring your ideas, characters and games to life. With the support of our technical professionals who are specialized in comic-style 2D art, animation, and photorealistic 3D models, we develop and execute artistic ideas that turn each game unique, amusing and unforgettable.

    Difference between game design & game development

    Possible pitfalls of game designers

    Paying more attention to the documentation than the game itself: the imagined process of the game can not always be implemented in life taking into account all other interacting elements. Peer reviews take place right before the release of the game: but it could be more productive if designers could play games of each other earlier to be able to improve the quality of their products. Story controls the design of a game: games differ from films in the way that they not only provide the attractive environment for players but also provide them with the unforgettable experience.

    Challenges encountered by game Designers

    The job of the game designer is rather challenging and painstaking, as the number of difficulties and problems he faces can be enormous. It requires an abundance of ideas and in-depth knowledge of the matter, but even with all that many problems characterize. Dealing with crucial details of UW game development such as deadlines, target audience, budgets, requirements etc. Ability to improvise and experiment to achieve a desirable result.

    What does it mean to be a game designer?

    Though the term “designer” can be rather ambiguous, a game designer has little in common with the initial meaning of this word. This person is far from being a man of an idea, the list of his duties can be very long. Usually, the process of game designing starts with the development of the concept document that can later be transformed into a “game design bible”.

    The essential elements of game art and design

    Each designer has some functions that must be performed by him to design a good gameplay. Nowadays, modern employees of large companies use the latest game design programs or Unity development, for example. This software helps to ease the process and define the overall game context.

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