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What are the types of VPS Hosting available?

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VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is one of the most preferred hosting services available for people that have outgrown shared hosting. With the use of virtualization technology, it provides you with dedicated resources on a server with multiple users.

It is a much safer and more stable option than shared hosting as it offers you the experience of a dedicated server but within a shared server. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting enables customers to access their copy of an operating system, allowing them to enjoy similar capabilities and performance of a dedicated server.

Affordable VPS hosting is ideal to be used by mid-sized businesses that get mid-range traffic, which can’t be handled through a shared server but they still don’t need as many resources as offered in dedicated servers.

But when it comes to affordable VPS hosting, there are various types of VPS hosting available for you to choose from. To help you have a fair idea of what these are, here we are listing the type of VPS hosting:

Xen VPS Hosting

Not all hosting frameworks allow you to do the customization and control as much as Xen. Some of the key benefits of Xen include:

  • It is the most flexible virtualization technology
  • Offer a higher amount of swap space
  • Gives full control of table modules
  • Make you in charge of your backup schedule
  • Remote consoling is available to solve issues

OpenVZ VPS Hosting

The open-source version of SWsoft’s award-winning virtualization programming, Virtuozzo, OpenVZ offers compartmentalized record frameworks. It is one of the cheapest VPS Hosting that offers numerous benefits like:

  • It uses powerful hardware processors that never fails to perform
  • Faster data transfer with access to 1 Gbps uplink
  • Comes with a wide range of operating system
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Quick server setup with no delay
  • Offers easy use VPS control panel

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS hosting is the hosting software that functions using Windows technology and Windows Server Management tools. Here we are listing some key benefits of using Windows VPS hosting:

  • More flexible options for web administrators are available.
  • Offers better data storage space
  • Provides better resources, scalability, and flexibility
  • Protection against losing information
  • 100% undertaking of class framework

Cloud VPS Hosting

A cloud Virtual Private Server is a server hosted in the cloud and is different from standard hosting. It allows a website development company owner to pick the administrations they need. Moreover, they only have to pay for the resources and services they need. You can also add or remove the resources you like as per your business needs. It is the fastest-growing type of VPS. Some key benefits of Cloud VPS hosting include:

  • Cloud server acts like a dedicated server having its resources
  • It is a highly reliable and cost-effective VPS hosting service
  • Offers great accessibility that allows you to access the data from any place.
  • Maintains a high level of security that ensures your data is safe
  • You can install as many programs and applications as you like

Multi VPS Linux Hosting

Virtual Private Server, also known as Virtual Dedicated Server works for clients as a committed server. If you wish to build high-performing websites and applications, Multi VPS Linux hosting is the best pick for you. It offers numerous benefits that include:

  • Access it from any place of the world as your data will be stored on a virtual server
  • It is more cost-effective than buying multiple dedicated servers
  • No downtime, which means your website will be running smoothly 24*7
  • You can add and erase servers as per your business needs

Multi VPS Windows Hosting

If you are searching for cheap VPS hosting services that don’t dig a hole in your pocket, Multi VPS Windows hosting is the kind of service you need. IIS 7.5 is an enhanced web server that runs on shared windows servers that are up to 25% faster than other hosting arrangements. It facilitates more seamless conveyance and more stable server loads.

VPS Reseller Box

An individual or a company can use reseller hosting to offer web hosting services to their customers using their brand name. The biggest benefit that it offers is that you will be paying only for the services and resources that you are using. You don’t have to pay any additional amount for the services you don’t need. Some major benefits of reseller hosting service include:

  • Highly reliable and cost-friendly
  • You pay only for the services you use
  • Help you generate better revenue
  • Get a state-of-the-art control panel that helps to manage your reseller business in a hassle-free manner

So, now that you have a better understanding of the types of hosting services available. Choose the one that best fulfills your business needs. There are many affordable VPS hosting service providers you can contact for consultation and your business growth.

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