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Twitter Will Soon Begin Testing Super Follow Subscription

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It was only recently Twitter mentioned its “Super Follow” subscription option which will require a minimum of 10k followers. According to the latest reports, Twitter will soon begin testing this feature and will continue to add more monetization options for content creators. The idea behind this exercise is to provide more incentives to keep popular users tweeting and engaging more often. It will also create a new income source for Twitter making it a win-win model for the micro-blogging social media platform as well as its users.

It was in February, on the eve of its Analyst Day event when Twitter announced its plan to add 123 million new users over the next three years. During the event, it also shared the visuals of its upcoming ‘Super Follow’ option that will give creators a chance to monetize their Twitter presence by charging a monthly fee for exclusive, members-only features.

Twitter Super Follow

With this special feature, selected users will soon get a notification from Twitter that they can now access the Super Follow option, which will lead them into this new subscription plan.

Twitter has a very valid justification for this new option for users. They think that by offering their followers a little extra, users can earn money every month. People will also get access to a more personal experience with such bonus content, and subscribers will get paid for what they create. It’s in every sense a win-win situation. Talking of monetization, the new Indian social media player like Connected India has cleverly designed its features giving them enough opportunity for generating income.

The Super Follows perks for Subscribers

# Your paying fans will get special labels on their profiles and tweets that will highlight them in your replies, enabling you to give them extra attention.

# It will give them bonus content, in the form of exclusive tweets and newsletters that only your Super followers can access.

# Twitter may soon make it more attractive by giving profile badges and other connection options.

Twitter is planning to display an ‘Earnings Estimator’ for creators to tempt them in, with a slider showing the number of followers you would need to sign-up to start making money. The subscription fee will be $4.99 per month.

This will undoubtedly be a strong incentive for the users. However, there would be a few requirements and certain riders within the process that may limit subscribers’ revenue potential, or could even disqualify them right off the bat.

Twitter Super Follow Eligibility

The most important requirement to be eligible to apply for the new Super Follow option is to have at least 10k Twitter followers with a past track record of regularly posting a minimum of twenty-five tweets in a duration of 30 days. The Good morning is obviously a very modest requirement, but the 10k threshold of followers will cancel out a lot of users. Moreover, till now this has not been officially announced by Twitter, therefore, at this point, it’s difficult to predict how many trials Twitter will need to undertake before letting all users with 10k+ followers sign on.

Most importantly, you will need to give a pretty good reason for your followers to subscribe. You just can’t go on tweeting like you always have been doing, and expect people to pay for it. Some of your followers might oblige you out of courtesy, but the majority will be expecting some value for money.

If you are thinking about using this option, whenever it becomes available, you need to do the planning for what extra you’ll be offering besides your regular tweets and content. The application process itself requires a content category in which your account fits, and also the details of your plan to use the option to increase engagement with your fans.

Currently, there are around 30 categories to choose from topics such as art, beauty Gaming, etc. Apart from these, there is also an ‘Adult Content’ category. There is the Only Fans category too which is better known as an amateur porn site, where well-known users often post risqué content to make money through their fans.

It’s quite possible that some of these creators may look to expand their connections on Twitter as well. In such cases, it will be interesting to see how Twitter justifies its actions because by leaning into such content, it could definitely move into questionable territory. Although, adult content is already available on Twitter, so, it may just provide a way to help manage that more effectively, while earning revenue at the same time.

The distribution of revenue for Super Follows isn’t known yet, but it’s expected that Twitter would be taking a commission from each subscriber, with the majority income going to the creator.  It will be interesting to see how much Apple and Google demand based on the additional App Store charges for such transactions.

But in spite of all these, it will definitely create another way for Twitter to keep its most high-profile users tweeting more frequently, while also providing an additional avenue to themselves to boost their revenue intake quite significantly, which could be helpful in meeting their ambitious growth targets.

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