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SERP SEO Recommendation to Optimize a Single Page Application Website

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Generally, professionals have been using HTML (Hypertext markup language) for development, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) styling, and JS (JavaScript) for intercommunication and dealing with the main elements or overdesigns. Javascript plays an amazing role in designing a Single page Web Application or web design. It’s only JS that makes a website more flexible in seeing and more attractive while using. JS helps to create pop-ups, dialogue boxes, expandable content in toggles and carry to slide multiple images that are called sliders. Now, over 98.1% of sites that are showing on SERP use high-level JavaScript codes. With the help of JS Codes, we have got some unique opportunities to modify web contents according to the responsive user action.

A comparably new trend of JS into websites is Single Page Applications. In short, you can understand that Generally websites get loaded with all their resources like (HTML, CSS, JS) by requesting it personally from the server panel. We have needed it all the time while opening but SPA (Single Page Application) requires just one single click which does not bother the server. No need to wait to load the HTML, CSS, JavaScript from the server. This is the fastest result oriented website but a little bit of a disaster for Search Engine Optimization.

In this post, we’re gonna tell you how SPAs are made and why? If there are hard to optimize so why? and How the Search Engines can make them understand perfectly or get them rank very well.


SPA stands for Single Page Application. No doubt we can call it a separate JavaScript-based technology for Website Designing Company Delhi. SPA web development never needs more page load after loading the main page view. Javascript has many types of frameworks like React, Angular and Vue are the most trending and beneficial frameworks to building a website. They almost differ in some supported libraries and APIs but there is also the same logic of serving fast and finest for client-side rendering. All the High DA websites like Pinterest, Twitter, Airbnb, Quora are built with SPA JS coding.

A SPA manages the loading requests between the server and browser or helps websites to load faster. Javascript manages all those steps secretly and the search engine never knows about this JS trick used by the web developers. Whenever search engines do not get enough content they never click around and never understand that content to be added dynamically.

Due to these benefits, the technology is good but gets extra SEO Efforts.


In the past before starting the JS Search Engine used to crawl Text-based content designed by HTML codes. After becoming JS more and more popular Google Added some functionalities to understand designing and page crawling methods.

Google made so many changes but yet Google bots are facing problems while crawling the JS. Moz 2017 experiment shows that only Google, Ask and surprisingly were able to read and load the JS scripts content and Hidden codes apart from them all the search engines are fully blind to read JS codes. Excepts the Google there is not any other announcements as of now that any of search engine putting their efforts to learn JS hidden codes or (SPA)Single Page Application.

There are some official recommendations and statements but not clarifications one of the recommendations done by the Search Engine Bing gave the same suggestion as Google and supports the pre-rendering by the main server-side.


The easiest and simple language used to crawl by search engines is HTML language. Yes, it does not contain as much information as SPA but it is simple to read and understand. There are also JS Codes but they are contained in a separate file or before closing the Body tag(</Body>). All the JS codes written within the <script></script> tag. Google crawl the JS codes simply just throughout this script file and load the page successfully. In the term of SPA (Single Page Application) it is so hard to read the hidden codes and crawl the page. Just because of JS tricky codes and the hidden theory search engine shows the empty page in the result of source code.

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The major thing to understand is that Google can get the JS codes but while rendering the codes from the client’s side they will not be properly indexed and empty. In viewers’ view, they will never be able to see the SPA JS codes and not analyze which codes they are using or where?


Here are the tips you have to follow to make a Single Page Application getting crawled by Google and visible to crawlers. You’ll get knowledge of such major SEO basics clean and clear.


Sitemap:- While dealing with crawling and indexing problems in Single Page Application, You have to generate the proper sitemap.xml and submit it to the Google Webmaster. The sitemap is not going to show us JS resources but at least it will show how many pages are there and what’s the structure followed by your website.

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URL’s View on SPA

While operating the SPA website you can see separate page sections one by one. Technically SAP contains a single page for the whole website but as a viewer, it looks like you are locating one page to another page for example,,, The JS file structures instruct browsers to load the pages and create the content of the links based on separate fragment Has(#) URLs examples given above.


To make a SPA website look good and feel attractive as per the search engine parameter, you need to make its content easy to read and basic to understand to viewers. Make sure your codes will show real and clear so that your SPA website will come with a blasting speed and correct navigation, Make sure you don’t forget to show your static version to Search Engine. Generate the correct sitemap, use distinct web URL with or without fragment identifiers but correctly.

In this modern time SPA attracts modern users more than multi-page websites. It contains an excellent user experience as compared to a simple website.

Do you have SPA websites or Have you struggled anymore to get SPA websites on top of SERP?

looking to create one for your business after getting so much throughout this informative blog and Please Don’t forget to share your experience, mistakes, knowledge in the comment section and be with us to get more informative blogs on Kliff Technologies

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