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Free Email Marketing: The ideal option for your company

Digital Marketing, July 31, 20210 Commentsadmin
Free Email Marketing

There are various tools that a company has to ensure direct communication with its customers. One of the most used is the free email marketing services by contacting a professional business branding consulting, which has become the right option to communicate free of charge to prospects and clients.

It is a comprehensive technical-commercial action, the guarantee of which is based on the advertising campaigns reaching thousands of subscribers.

But don’t think that free means bad service or poor quality. On the contrary, there are companies that can advise you when carrying out your email marketing campaign with excellent results, through free accounts.

But before explaining this procedure, we must define this digital option that is so important for organizations that need to be connected with their customers.

What is Email Marketing?

Without a doubt, it has become the fundamental instrument of modern organizations. But what does it consist of? Its definition must be specified :

“It is a communication technique with the user, in which email is used to attract potential clients.

It is a channel with the client, which allows the content to be adapted to each consumer and thus achieve a higher return on investment. Good segmentation is key in an Email Marketing strategy.

It is useless to send, in bulk, information to a user who is not interested in our content. This technique is direct, but not invasive, since the user has agreed to receive it ”.

In short, running a campaign with this tool guarantees excellent results. Clients receive the requested information in their email account.

It is important to emphasize that a distinction must be made between sending emails from a newsletter or newsletter requested by the recipient and spam.

I suppose that at some point you will have signed up for a newsletter and you will have observed how to double verification is needed. We recommend that you follow this practice, after all, what is the use of sending information to someone who has not requested it?

One of the advantages of free or paid email marketing campaigns is the ease of measurement. This is immediate and allows you to know the results of the campaign in real-time. This is one of the main points in its favor in reference to other marketing channels.

Communicate good news and updates

Through email, Email Marketing becomes the bearer of good news and multiple novelties that the company wants and needs to communicate to its customers. This is achieved through advertising and commercial campaigns.

The objective?

Win-Win… The Company: Promote and sell. The Client: Purchase, taking advantage of the news, promotions, and discounts.

They are advantages, really beneficial, for both protagonists of the buying and selling process.

Seek advice and technical support

Everything seems very productive and even easy. But what happens when the company houses information from thousands of customers in its database and does not have the staff, technology, and technical support to use email marketing in its sales strategies?

Well, apart from creating chaos, it is time to look for quick and effective solutions. Fortunately, many companies have a Plan B, which is always effective:

The Free Email Marketing service

These are specialized technology companies that provide service and technical advice, specifically in the mass sending of emails by email.

Is the free Email Marketing service worth it?

Many companies express a resounding yes. Among the providers, we highlight Mailrelay as a free email marketing tool up to a point that solves many problems and offers many services, with significant advantages.

Their accounts allow the sending of up to 75,000 emails in a month, addressed to about 15,000 clients or related, without advertising.

They also offer additional, beneficial services for organizations, such as newsletter and subscription form editors, statistics, autoresponders, advanced filters, and contact segmentation, thus saving companies a lot of time.

And the best of that is the technical support, which is always recommended when it comes to any type of unforeseen or inconvenient problem.

The ideal strategy

In conclusion, it is one of the most effective and efficient strategies to reach customers. In short, the ideal option for the projection of products and services.

Email, as an online communication channel; and Marketing, as the means to study and evaluate the market.

For what?

Well, to draw up the planned objectives. Likewise, fulfill the purpose of satisfying the needs and satisfying the wishes of customers, through products and/or services.

Therefore, Email Marketing and Digital Marketing have become key points. You have to use it creatively to enjoy its benefits.

In addition, it is getting stronger every day and, despite the popularity of social networks, it is still one of the best options to maintain constant communication with customers.

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