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6 Features of a Successful Logo Design

GraphicsJuly 20, 20210 Commentsadmin

What is the role of a logo?

Logo plays an important role in businesses. The basic aim of a logo is to identify a brand or company. If the logo is used persistently by the company, the audience will be able to identify the brand with a glance at the logo.

Other than an identifiable logo, there are no rules for custom logo design. This is the only thing that matters.

Some significant logo designs have a timeless quality, but some of them look dated (because they followed trends).

It is the logo design that remains current and we can learn a lot from them. If they looked good 20+ years ago, and still look good now, they will probably still be just as impressive in 20 years too. It is a timeless quality.

It is these designs that allow people to study, understand, and work well with Graphic designing company in USA. Some features have made the logos remain successful over time. By understanding the features of the logo, you will be able to make informed decisions during the phase of designing.

So, here are the 5 features of a successful logo design.


Many successful firms in the world have simple logos. They have become more refined and simplified over time. Every business has a strong argument for a logo to be simple. 

Since identification is the basic function of a logo, you need to take this seriously. When the logo will be simple, you will quickly identify and remember it. Here “simple” means that the custom logo design should only contain what is needed. In other words. It should only contain one idea.

By simplifying the design, the final logo looks more professional as a result and you will end up with a logo that has one identifiable key feature, and one feature to remember for people.

2. Differentiation

Every time you go shopping, you have thousands of different products that are fighting for your attention. 

Branding is the only thing that separates you from the other. It helps to know which you should trust. The custom logo design must be distinct and recognizable to separate one company from another.  If a company want to become a market leader, they must own their brand identity.

To give your product or company the greatest chance of success, the logo and its identity should be unique from its competitors for people to easily and quickly remember and recognize it. That is why differentiation is so necessary.

3. Memorability

You need to design a logo that people remember for a long time. The simplicity and distinctiveness of a logo will assist with memorability. By understanding the competitive landscape, you can create such a custom logo design that will not only stand out from the competition but also will be remembered. 

Colors play an important role in the recognition of a brand identity. They change the overall feel of each logo that shows the real power of color.

There are more other ways to make a logo memorable. Such as treatment of typography or the use of negative space.

4. Legibility

If you or anyone cannot understand what the company is called by looking at the logo, then you have a serious problem.

It is quite common that the first letter of custom logo design is styled to a point where it is not anymore read as part of the wordmark. This is the thing that should be avoided. The same is applied for words in the wordmark until the wordmark remains legible clearly, avoid it.

Moreover, letters are also replaced with shapes causing the wordmark to be read as something else.

If you have designed something and you are not sure of its clear legibility, then it is important to ask others if they can read or not. You can correct your design later. It will be a costly mistake for your client if their customer will not understand the company name.

5. Quality of execution

A successful logo is well-executed and has perfect shapes, perfect lines, and perfect color choice. If you have not studied typography design, you can start with a well-designed font. You should learn what makes fonts great before making letters from scratch.

It is vital to study color theory if you have a poor color choice and are using too many colors in the design.

The most common things in a logo are imperfect shapes and curves, or inconsistent spacing. This is where using some sort of grid system can help.

Some designers completely create a design from scratch using lines, shapes, and circles, within some sort of grid system to create perfect artwork. Perfect or flawless execution of an idea makes a great difference and is a skill worth mastering.

6. Scalability

Scalability is also an important feature of a successful logo. The logo will be seen in places such as social media, where the logo will look very small. You will see the same logo on the side of a vehicle, buildings, or storefronts. So the logo design should work as efficiently at 8 millimetres, as it does at 8 meters.

Simple logos can be scale well. So when you are working on a custom logo design, you need to zoom in and zoom out to make sure your logo is legible in small sizes. 

Another characteristic of scalability is that some companies have different logo variants for different sizes. For example, a variant that works effectively at small sizes. So, if you have a project where the logo will be commonly used in small sizes, it is great to create an extra variant for those situations.

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