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Klifftechnologies An expressive, flexible and revolutionary framework to develop the next-gen apps for iOS and Android with a single codebase in record time.

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Angular Development Technologies

Considering the ever-growing demand of interactive web designs and applications, we have incorporated all the versions of Angular as our mainstream frontend technology. We have successfully prowess in building highly interactive, scalable, data-driven and well-structured cross-platform web applications using AngularJS.
We have a team of skilled AngularJS experts with the strong technical skill set. Hire AngularJS developers from us to escalate the experience of your end-users.

Key Advantages of Angular Development

Angular Development is how you create real and exciting mobile apps!

We at Habilelabs, UseAngular Development as the Next Generation Resolution for Creating Hybrid and Faster Web App Development.

Gmail like Applications

AngularJS helps you build single page applications like Gmail. No more waiting for page reloads. These applications are fast and sleek like desktop apps.

Real time Applications

AngularJS makes it easy for you to build realtime applications as it has has two-way data binding. You can program it to update the webpage as and when the data changes on the backend and is sent to the frontend

Scalable Applications

We've built what is possibly one of the largest and most complex applications with AngularJS, and it scales beautifully, both from a development standpoint as well as from a utilization standpoint.


Our Process

Klifftechnologies follows Strategic methodologies to execute projects in result oriented way. Our process diagram is only simple representative,
we execute project in detailed process to turn your idea into reality. Let's catch up over a skype or mail to discuss your idea.


Been There, Done That

Kliff Technologies started purely focusing on building single page apps (SPA's). We have solved various challenges in building SPA’s like handling states, managing memory etc.

Reusable Modules

We most probably have built various components your app needs. Angular at its very core is very reusable. We have worked on, built many components that we can leverage.

Test Driven Development

We believe in test driven development. Unit Tests & Integration Tests helps you iterate without fear of breaking old code. Absolutely 0 technical debt

We Simply Love AngularJS

We care. We love working on Angular. We build your codebases with love and care and it shows.

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